We are a small team of talented individuals that are devoted to advancing the industry.


We have over 25 years in the field of facilities & maintenance, which has allowed us to understand the ins-and-outs.


Using this experience we have created amazing & unique custom solutions for various SME and small home environments.


We would love to provide the ultimate efficiency enhancing solution to help your business with our new Flag forms package.

About Us

Flag Forms is a newly formed name for software functionality that has been around since 1996.


It has been renamed to be more suitable for its intended deliverable.


Initially, the application was not on the market for sale as it worked in organizations to administrator projects and maintenance. It was supplied as an added value to organizations during the duration of the contracts.



From 2005 to 2007 the system was re-engineered to be more generic to suit any organizations requirements. It was then named OPERATION SMART that is still in existence today but has moved into additional solutions such as communications. Due to this, Flag Forms has been formed to offer a facilities, maintenance, asset and total administration solution with automated processes.


Flag Forms is now it’s own software solution and no longer forms part of the previous system however, its functionality is still being used by companies such as: Kutama Prison, Specpharm, Johnson & Johnson Da Gama Textiles, CDT and Telkom (currently in implementation phase).


On contract it has also worked at: Alusaf Hillside Smelter, Marstec, Siemens, Vodacom and Strike Technologies.

About Flag Forms